Artist's Statment

Art is my language, photography is my medium and perception is my subject.

Art for me is a playground for an internal dialogue and photography an expression of my inquiry into the nature of reality.
Our relation with reality is one of the most intricate and complex realms of exploration. I understand reality to be ultimately subjective, constructed within our mind from discrete fragments of perception.
Though my avenue of expression is photography, the process of exploration incorporates within it science and philosophy, as well as art. This field of interplay is where I meet myself as an artist and where I strive to meet the observer of my work. I approach art as an explorer and a lover of life; my works are fragments of experience. It is the life of those experiences that I aspire to make tangible and intimately communicable.

I work with the aphorism “something out of nothing”, I treat every instance of reality as a moment of creation - an instantaneous emergence of a scene. This moment of creation intrigues me. It allows me to bring forth more than one possible reality and to invoke a novel experience. An endeavor to render a different perception, mediated between realities. I play with concepts, contexts, ideas, meanings, realities, norms, and challenge them to create a view beyond the ordinary. My dialogue with photography touches concepts that define our experience of life. I re-examine the validity of those concepts.

Photography for me is like a moment of twilight, a conjunction unifying diverse aspects of mind, I call it 'the lyrics of the abstract'. The story of the scene, its fragrance, is created the moment I describe it through the viewfinder, it was not there before.

My work aims to tell a story about ‘The art of perception’, but, as the great photographer Lewis Hine once said:
'If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera.'