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Not Here / Not There

A Manifesto of a future self

An installation using the technology of QR code embedded in works of art (photography) depicting multiple facets of the mind of the artist, evolving into a complex multiplicity of manifestations.

This body of work is an exploration of the interconnectedness of physical and virtual existence. I consider it as A self-portrait.
It represents a continuum of aspects of my existence emerging from a physical one and continuing through different facets and layers of my virtual existence into a possible future 'me', enhanced by augmented reality first and eventually by a chip in my brain (a.k.a ‘Google in the brain’).
A self portrait is an intimate creation, an exposure of oneself.
With our digital life we continuously keep exposing more and more of what and who we are.
A good portrait should capture and convey much more than a physical presence or appearance, it should capture the nature and the essence of a person - a ‘whole’.
Incorporating into this body of work different aspects of my virtual existence, allows me to expose a broader concept of ‘me’, and thus creating a richer portrait.
The different manifests of our virtual existence, each possibly a different persona (e.g. using different username and avatar), allow us multiplicity of ‘identities’. Transforming our ‘classic’ conception of identity into a more complex and diverse phenomenon.
By using a QR code in each work, connecting to different manifests on the web, a multi-faceted self-portrait emerges.
It is composed of diverse layers expressing the transition from the physical into a hybrid existence of the physical and the virtual. Looking at this motion as an evolutionary process, the layers represent different depths of integration of the virtual and the physical.
The diversity of virtual existence, disassociated from gender, age, nationality or any other physical attribute, is expressed in this body of work by using different models, none of which is the artist himself.
Yet, the choice of presenting human form comes to emphasize the connection between the physical and the virtual.

Physical me:

Physical me
Cultural me:

Cultural Me: Music
Last.Fm - Mohir
Cultural Me: Music
YouTube: David Bowie - Wild is the Wind
Cultural Me: Books
Goodreads - Mohir
Cultural Me: Movies
IMDB - Mohir
Cultural Me: Movies
YouTube: Rashomon trailer
Blogger me:

Blogger me - Backstage Rituals (By Mohir)
Networked / Social me:

Networked / Social  me: Facebook
Facebook - Mohir
Networked / Social  me: Twitter
Twitter - Mohir
Analyze me:

Analyze me: Klout
Klout - Mohir
Augmented me:

Augmented Me: Google Glass
Google Glass
Future me:

Future Me: Sight
Video: 'Sight'
Future Me: Google in the Brain
Google in the Brain
Eternal me:

Eternal Me: