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Cabestan's one Ferrari watch was a bridge between Roger Dubuis Replica and the current commission holder. From 2005/6 to 2010, Ferrari's Roger Dubuis Replica relationship was in place. It was a short time span, but it produced some of the most beautiful watches ever made to represent Maranello cars. It was an unlikely pairing, but it was possible conceptually. Both were and still are Italian icons.

Although the Cabestan Ferrari One was not as extreme as it was,Roger Dubuis Replica and the Chopard Replicas that followed, this venture produced a few models that are highly collectible. Roger Dubuis Replica/Ferrari managed to outdo Montblanc, a Richemont brand that still doesn't fully grasp the Minerva name.

Despite our 20/20 vision, it is easy to forget that the Roger Dubuis Replica/Ferrari venture was not without its problems. The watches were rejected by the Paneristi Hidebound because they required that the Roger Dubuis Replica name be on the dial. Ferrari owners weren't interested in the watches either because they were too expensive or too costly, depending on who you ask. They were elegant and cleverly designed, which should have made them a huge success.

Granturismo v Scuderia

The concept was carefully thought out to protect the design sensibilities, prestige and reputations of both houses. The collection was called "Ferrari Engineered by Roger Dubuis Replica", and included two distinct product lines to be known as "Granturismoā€¯ and "Scuderia." While manufactured and sold by Roger Dubuis Replica the watches only had the Ferrari name on them. Granturismo models featured the Prancing Horse at twelve o'clock while Scuderias had the yellow shield that Ferrari racing cars are famous for.

Both ranges had many similarities, with both having complications. However, the Granturismos were more traditional while the Scuderias were more adventurous. Although the majority of these models were chronographs and time-only models, GMTs and GMTs were also included in the catalog. The company produced 27 references in radiomir replica However, not all numbers were used. FER00001 through FER00028 skipped 00021 to 00023, 00026, 00027 and 00027. To this run of 24 models, Ferrari California Flyback and Ferrari Scuderia Rattrapante were added FER00033 and FER00038.